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What we Do

DN Gallery Art section deals with all forms of artwork or a work of art, artwork, art piece, piece of art or art object you can name it; all together as an aesthetic physical item or artistic creation.

Apart from "work of art", which may be used of any work regarded as art in its widest sense, including other forms of arts. Basically, our artwork applies principally to tangible, portable forms of visual art.

A unique and original work of our artists. We have fair prices and unique pieces, your welcome to DN Gallery and feel our taste. We accept credit card and cash in Tshs, USD and other currencies.
"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have". Maya, A
chimpanzee feeling fine art paintings

Paintings to Support
Charity & Fundraising Mission.
DN Gallary also does special paintings as a Charitable painting. The purpose of this type of paintings is to support fundraising activities to NGOs, and Foundations, any organization does the fundraising activities.

We do supply paintings that can be used to raise funds at a very minimum cost, We do know that no one has ever become poor by giving so this is our way of giving in order to support some initiatives to the community that aims to help the needy.

Outdoors Paintings
DN Gallery also, does the outdoor paintings activities include draw different Signs.
Some outdoor activities are as per clients' needs such as construction signs, drawing Banners, adverts, Maps, wall paintings at schools, hotels, offices, hospitals, and other buildings. Include special events painting, lunching, awareness campaigns and much more.
Wall Painting Sogea Satom dn gallery
Paintind Tools brush
Get a special discount when Order Online.
E mail: info@dn-gallery.com
Call: 255713004481
Painting Class by DN Gallery
Painting Class
To those who have got a passion for drawing, DN Gallery we do have a program for them too. A special painting class program is organized for our clients who need the service.

It can be a private painting class with our artist(s) with only $10.00 per hour and take home a gift you created.
The price includes materials for the painting sessions. Please contact us for more details about booking and arrangement.

Volunteers and others who have more time in the country we can organize a long painting session with a small fee.

DN Gallery Shop
DN Gallery shop will be launched, get ready to receive information about our shop where it will be located.
Artists Get Together.
DN Gallery is more than an ordinary gallery. We do organize and mobilize artists and designers to be part of DN Gallery, where we bring them together and share some innovative ideas that enable them to benefit from their artistic passion.

Because many artists do a great job, but their efforts end in vain, others benefits more by exploiting them. So what we do at DN Gallery we bring them together educate and help connect with opportunities like space for hotel display and use our brand to their painting activities and so much more.

We do believe in collective ideas. It's love drive us to bring them together for their own betterment.
Colourful Painting
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