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Frequent Asked Questions

Which Paintings Are Available?
The available paintings are here click see and order.
How To Buy The Paintings?
Simply send me mail on info@dn-gallery.com  I can help also to order a painting for a special occasion.
How To Pay?
Unfortunately we don´t accept VISA cards so you will have to send money to a bank account or through Western Union.
Is It Possible To Order A Painting If It´S Already Sold?
Yes, if you see is SOLD in the online gallery then you still can order the painting.
May I Get A Discount?
Write to us info@dn-gallery.com if you're gallery owner or painting dealer you may get big discounts. Also if you wish to decorate school, shop, hospital or your house, let´s talk.
What Is The Postage Cost To My Country?
Its depend! You get your painting from Arusha, Tanzania delivered straight to your door and it takes just a few days!
Are You Accept Credit Card?
Yes we do accept credit card and other paymnet options.
Does The Paintings Crack?
No, if the quality materials are used. People buying the paintings on their holiday in Tanzania are at risk to be cheated. Many painters use the so called "ngano" as a basic color. It is a mix of water with wheat powder. Buying the painting through us gives you quality guarantee. Not only we use a silk color as a basic but we use a quality canvas, regular frame, dust-free colors etc.
Which Paints Do You Use?
We use "Master Paints" made by UAE Company called National Paints Factories Co.Ltd. Most often we use "Synthetic Enamel Gloss 1" Transocean Marine Paint based on alkyd resin.
How Do You Deliver The Paintings?
We deliver the paintings without frame unless you tell us to send it on the frame (expensive). They are rolled in the tube.
Can You Send The Paintings On Frame?
Yes, the cost will be high. We can also stretch the painting on stretcher bars and frame it in nice frame of your wish. But it is costly and it takes 1-2 extra months to fix it. Better if you stretch the paintings at your local gallery. If you are handy, you can do it yourself and spare a lot of money.
Is The Postage Service Reliable?
Yes. We use EMS - "Expedited Mail Service - Tanzania" which is reliable. But on request we can send the paintings through DHL, FedEx or any other company you wish.
After How Many Days Will The Paintings Arrive To Me?
It can take as few as 4 days to Europe/North America but expect around 14 days, especially if you are from Asia/South America.
Are The Paintings Reproduced?
The easier motive the easier to reproduce. If you want something very special look more for names and unusual motives. Look at abstract, creative, cartoon. Many painters have developed their own style and only these painters reproduce their own motives.
Paintings As An Investment?
Most people love their paintings and never would sell them. But some people also look at them as an investment.
What If FAQs Does Not Answer My Questions?
Please contact us for more clarifications.
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