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About Us

The DN Gallery Art is part of the DN Gallery established by two founders Dickson and Nhojo alias "nak" in 2009 and has been a great success ever since. Recently, the founders decided to officiate and formalize their efforts to be known and operate professionally. DN Gallery located in Arusha town just a few miles away from the City center along Arusha Namanga road.

The DN Gallery offers a series of high-quality artwork by Tanzanian artists that have become successful abroad but little known within their own community. The works presented are carefully selected by the DN Gallery team. They uphold very high selection criteria to ensure that only the highest standard of what is produced in the East Africa art world passes through DN Gallery. DN Gallery gives the opportunity to small and other artists to grow their careers by connect them to the potential opportunities include sales their paintings, make them attend exhibitions.

The founders dedicate all of their time, efforts and creativity to the DN Gallery they work tirelessly in order to promote the Tanzanian art scene and make it better known to the wider public. He is widely connected nationally and internationally and personally, takes care of any artwork that is to be shipped abroad.

DN Gallery offers different types of painting work. Among them are Crazy color, Postcard, Picha kubandika "pinch arts", Palatte Knife, Zanzibar Paintings, Fine Art, Abstract, Tingatinga and much more.

We strive to serve you well at all times when you visit us or our online DN Gallery shop.

Karibuni Sana, Asante

DickSon Deus Rutha  &  Nhojo Allan Kushoka
Founders & Managing Directors
Dickson Deus Rutha DN Gallery Founder
Founder | Director | Artist
Nhojo Allan Kushoka Nak Founder DN Gallery
Founder | Director

We do great design and artworks for creative people.

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