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We Are The Best
The House of Design and Art
DN Gallery offers innovative painting experiences and artworks; We do not take a picture we just paint.

Our Mission Is To Serve The Best And Quality Services Around
DN Gallery welcomes you to be part of our excellence by serving you or and become our partner. We, do the painting to help the needy, through charitable and fundraising painting supply. Please contact us today so we can discuss it together.
Buy Paintings
Step 1:
Explore Paintings
Identify the type of paintings that you need i.e. tinga tinga, palette knife, crazy colour and fine art painting etc. By exploring on our online Shopping Cart.
Step 2:
Select Paintings
Send to us painting code/number, so we can recognize a type of painting that you ordered. Use our online shopping cart to know your painting specifications.
Step 3:
Confirm and Pay
Enter your address details where you want paintings to be delivered and make your payments. Done, relax wait for your parcel delivered.

Our Specialization
Over nine years, engaged in paintings related activities.

01. Painting Classes.
02. Wall paintings.
03. Fundraising from our paintings work.
04. Indoor and Outdoor artwork.
05. Hotel display and much more.
Painting Colour dn gallery
Top Paintings Categories...

Crazy Colour Painting Giraffe
This is type involve deep creativity of DN Gallery artists owns style, tries to portray paintings from traditional ways into new imaginary styles with multicolour.
Fine Art Painting Zanzibar DN gallery
This category includes those artworks that are created primarily for aesthetic reasons ('art for art's sake') rather than for commercial or functional use.
Maasai wa Kubanika Ya Kubandika Pinch Painting Type
A pinching art style knows as Za Kubandika in Swahili where the artwork is done by cutting canvas into some shapes, pinch and finalize the art with the fine painting.
Tinga Tinga art style
It's over forty years after his death, Edward Saidi Tingatinga, the founder of Tinga Tinga art style. To date, still remains one of the most influential figures in contemporary African art.
Our Valuable Clients & Partners.
Over 10 years we have been invest and build trust in our reputable and valuable partnership and clients.

Individuals, companies, and organizations all over the world, long-lasting partnership play an important role grow of DN Gallery and their artists.  
Yet, still, strive to continually offer quality services that meet the expectations of our clients and partners.

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16540 Arusha-Namanga Road, Oloirien Street.

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(255) 713 004 481
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